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"Good Morning, Dr. Gibson, (11/6/2017)  

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending your excellent recital yesterday afternoon, and I just wanted to say, "Brava!" It was a most enjoyable way to spend part of Sunday afternoon, and I hope you will do it again soon."  (Click here to read Review of Recital)

Woodson Smith



"Dear Dr. Gibson, Thanks for your kind words, but I should be thanking you for your marvelous performance.  The Claflin family and I enjoyed it so much.  I have heard very positive comments from the community and the Claflin family about your concert.  Dr. Cho told me the day before how much she loved working with you.  She said it was enjoyable and fun.  Your family is very supportive of you, and that is very nice.  Thank you again, and stay in touch. 

Warm wishes, Peggy Stevenson (Claflin University; Orangeburg, South Carolina)"


"Caroline, How exciting to hear and see you last night! Wow, what a voice! You were absolutely fantastic! Check my FB page to see comments from Jean Moffatt & Frances Nelson. Looking forward to seeing you in Fargo."

Harriet -- NFMC Board Member (National Federation of Music Clubs)

"Brava!  Congratulations on a truly masterful recital today!  Karen and I are still talking about it, not just your obvious vocal virtuosity, but the great range of emotion that you displayed.  Conveying to the audience the depth of feeling unique to each selection is something not many artists can do.  I have come to believe that some performers may achieve (relative) technical mastery through hard work, but the ability to convey this emotional essence is a gift bestowed by God on only a select few.  Please let me know about your future engagements.   Thanks again for a wonderful performance and best wishes,"

                                                      Howard L. Feinstein 



"Thank you, Caroline!  Our residents really enjoyed the performance.  Please keep me updated on your future performances.  We love to support you!"


                          Tiffany Proctor, Cultural Arts Manager  

                          Ingleside at King Farm